Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trove Tuesday - The Rivers

Genies know that it pays to revisit one's Trove searches again and again.

My Dad grew up around the NSW country town of Canowindra where his father, Tom Curry, was a farmer. I knew that Grandpa managed a property called Fairview and another called Benevento in the district but until a few minutes ago did not know that in 1932 he also managed a property called The Rivers.

Today I ran the Trove search "Curry Canowindra" to see if I could find any new stories on the family. The first post blew me away as it described in great detail the property where the family worked, told me about my grandfather's activities and delivered a photo of Grandpa. The photo is very precious as we have very few closeup images of Tom. I can see some family resemblances in the picture even though it is of poor quality.

1932 'PLENTY OF LUCERNE', The Farmer and Settler (Sydney, NSW : 1906 - 1955), 26 May, p. 9. , viewed 29 May 2017, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article117352000
The post is rather long so I have just shared the first paragraphs and the photo. The remainder can be read here: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article117352000.

Monday, May 29, 2017

101 Reasons to Attend #congress_2018 - The ICC

We know that Congress is going to be great. Even if we had to meet up in a shearing shed we genies would have fun but being in Sydney's new premium conference venue will create an environment that will enhance the event experience.

The ICC is just to the left of the tall Sofitel Darling Harbour Hotel
I get around in Sydney but haven't been to the new ICC (International Conference Centre Sydney), I hope to visit prior to Congress. One of our daughters had her wedding reception at the old conference centre on the site and that was pretty awesome, I can't wait to see this new one.

The views across from Darling Harbour to the CBD from the Conference Centre are stunning. Your strolls to and from the venue will be a delight. If you play hookey from some of the sessions you will be able to shop or dine at Harbourside, sit by the Harbour and watch the boats  or take a stroll through the Chinese Gardens. More energetic genies can take a stroll over the historic Pyrmont Bridge and head uptown for some retail therapy.

Pyrmont Bridge
I congratulate the Conference organisers on selecting this venue for our premium Australian Geneaevent - it is no less than the event deserves.

We're on the ICC Calendar

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Five Faves Reminder

A few Earlybirds have responded to my Five Faves Geneamemes Challenge.

If you are a genie who uses books and has some favourites please consider sharing their details. http://geniaus.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/five-faves-geneameme.html

I will collate the response early in June.

Just in Time Learning

When I worked in education it was recognised that Just in Time Learning was most effective.

"Just-in-time learning” refers to making learning available when needed by the learner, and at the time that the learner needs the information, knowledge or skill." (http://www.bersin.com/Lexicon/Details.aspx?id=14258)

Way back when I was working I set up a "Help Desk" where teachers could get almost immediate assistance with their technology questions. Providing assistance at the point of need was very effective. I look at the educational offerings from many of our genealogy societies and groups which are mostly lecture style presentations and wonder if any of them are providing for the individual needs of their members.

At our local group we have an informal meeting once a month where we encourage members to come along and provide assistance to each other. Last week we covered items requested by members that included signing up to the Claim a Convict site, saving a word document as a .pdf file (which led to a discussion of file formats), a demonstration on how to scan with the Flip-Pal portable scanner and a comparison of the way DNA results are presented on FTDNA, Gedmatch and MyHeritage (unfortunately Ancestry access was just too slow).  Those who weren't interested in these topics were able to break into small groups to discuss other things.

Bulletin Boards and now Facebook Groups and Ask a Librarian services have been providing this sort of support, perhaps this is why some genies are turning away from traditional societies and groups and finding other avenues that enable them to find out what they need to know when they need to know it.

I'm wondering how many genies who have not yet embraced the technology that creates Just in Time Learning opportunities are missing out on learning.

What does your society or group do to cater for the Just in Time needs of its members? Is your educational program serving the individual needs of your members?


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